Why Social Media Marketing is the Answer for New Bloggers?

Why Social Media Marketing is the Answer for New Bloggers?

December 2, 2020 0 By Saahil

At the beginning of a blogger’s journey, traffic is hard to come by. Even the best on-page SEO tactics cannot make a blog reach the top of the search rankings. SEO is a long-term practice and takes time to kick in and produce results.

How does a blogger get traction in the beginning then?

This is a question every blogger seeks an answer to? Social media is a viable option, but many bloggers do not know how to master social media to draw website traffic.

The sheer rush of content on social media makes it difficult for bloggers to hold the attention of prospective readers. Standing apart from the crowd can be a long and arduous task, one which requires bloggers to dig deeper and identify the core interests of their audience.

As a subject of learning, social media is a great topic of study. Most digital marketing courses offered at training institutes cover social media marketing. From an educational website to a classroom-oriented digital marketing course in Delhi, there is a common recognition regarding the role of social media in the success of a campaign. DelhiCourses.in, a top digital marketing institute in Delhi, covers social media marketing extensively in its training program for online marketing.

In this article, we will discuss why social media marketing is important for getting an initial injection of traffic.

Content-Oriented Goals

Social media is one area where a given piece of content can get quick appreciation and engagement. By creating small bytes of content which generate engagement on social media, bloggers can pave the way to send traffic to a website.

The advantage of social media is that it does not depend on a whole host of factors like SEO. Domain authority, content factors, and keywords don’t matter. All a blogger has to do to get traction on social media is to be creative enough to promote content with the right messaging tactics.

Rapid Reach

Only social media can guarantee a brand to reach its core audience at the click of a button. Search engines take time to account for all factors while ranking a given webpage. On social media though, even a small well-planned social media post can go viral and reach an intended set of audience provided the content is worth sharing.

By tapping into such a wide audience, bloggers can make sure their content reaches a significant proportion.

Improve SEO metrics

By drawing visitors from social media, bloggers can improve certain key SEO metrics used by search engines to rank websites. These metrics include bounce rate which evaluates the number of people leaving a website after arriving on it and the average time spent on a website.

These metrics together are important for search rankings. This is why social media marketing is important for a blogger as it helps improve the SEO process as well.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers why it is important for bloggers to have a grasp over social media marketing.

About the Author – Shradhul Raina is a well-known SEO expert and blogging guru with over a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing. He currently works at DelhiCourses.in as a consultant. The institute, known for its digital marketing course in Delhi, is also regarded highly for its programs in cybersecurity and business analytics.