What You Need To Know As A Student For Overseas Education

What You Need To Know As A Student For Overseas Education

February 6, 2020 0 By Saahil

Many students want to study abroad after completing their degrees. Yet, many students study abroad after completing their 10th or 12th standard. The students should score better marks in the competitive tests such as SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL etc. The students should score well and hence they can secure admissions in a desired university. They should access the profile of the applicant’s profile. Along with the scores of the competitive exams, they should also possess good academic score. They students should score well in school and college level, produce several documents such as Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose and should produce essays. The overseas education consultants in Delhi provide counseling to the students to know about the procedure for education abroad.

Students Counseling Support

They produce excellent counseling support so that the students can secure admissions in the best colleges. They produce methodical counseling to every student. Every student has a unique profile. So, they should provide counseling to every student.

Then, the students conduct profile assessment and enhancement to the students so that the students understand about good profile. They should secure the desired college and should be able to face the competition. The students have certain skill gaps and hence should secure admissions in any desired colleges. They should identify the problems in the profile. Then, the mentor recommends to fill the gap and the extra circularprofile should be showcased effectively. The overseas education consultants in Delhi provide education counseling to the students and prepare them to appear for tests and produce various documents.

Application Documents of the Students and Procedure

Then, the mentors should prepare application documents and should solve the standard questionnaires. They should produce the documents that are essential so that they can showcase their merits and achievements. The mentors conduct brainstorming sessions with them to our experts. They should produce the drafts of SOPs, essays or LORs. They should prepare the CV of the colleges and target profiles.

Then, the students should shortlist the names of the universities and access the profile of the students carefully. They should maintain a list of contacts of the universities and should access their current profile. The students are provided with two types of shortlists namely tentative and final. In the tentative shortlist, they should prepare a list of 15 to 18 universities and also produce the application deadline. Then, the scores are also based upon their preference and current profile. Based upon their profile, they can decide the universities where they can easily seek admission and the universities where they cannot easily secure admission. So, it is divided into various categories such as difficult, very difficult, and better chance. The counselor should understand the reason to choose the particular university. The students should be satisfied and should seek admission in a college they desire.

Then, they conduct financial planning so that they know the total fee structure of the colleges. They should prepare a checklist and fill some sample forms. They should provide different documents to secure admissions in various colleges such as loan-sanctioning letters, referrals, bank statements, affidavit etc. They should fill a form mentioning the details. Then, they can secure a coveted letter from them. Then the students are encouraged to face an interview. So, they are rigorously trained about spoken English. Lastly, the mentors also provide Visa training to the students to secure a rig