What Are Paper Shredder Security Levels?

What Are Paper Shredder Security Levels?

June 16, 2020 0 By Saahil

When choosing a paper shredder, the shred size is very important. The size of the paper shreds plays a major role in determining information security. There are numerous paper shredder models and styles available today. But, paying attention to the security level of paper can protect your information from fraudsters and scammers. In this article, you can know about the different security levels of paper shredders.

The universal paper shredder security level

The paper shredder security level ultimately decides the safety and security of the documents. DIN P is the universal security standard to measure the security level of paper shredders. This standardization is based on a security scale from 1 to 6. The security scales from 1 to 6 serve different purposes. From least secure it raises to the highly secure level. Now, let us see what these different security scales mean.

The different types of paper shredder security levels

The security scale one

The security level one is the least secure level. It is rare to shred highly sensitive documents in a low-security shredder. The least secure shredders are purely used for waste paper disposal and non-sensitive document disposal. The DIN level one shredder is strip-cut shredders. Also, some of the cross-cut shredders fall into this category.

The security scale two

The security level two shredders are commonly used in many houses and organizations. The shred particles are hard to reassemble but do not provide enough document protection. Some of the particles may also be readable. The security level two machines are strip-cut shredders and some cross-cut shredders that shred paper in large pieces.

The security scale three

This security level is most recommended for offices and some of the businesses. These kinds of machines are widely used in many places. These level shredders come with the HIPAA and FACTA complaints. This shredder is excellent to shred patient information, customer record, bills and invoices. The level 3 material cut is hard to reassemble. The DIN security level three dimensions are Strip Cut: 1.9mm and Cross Cut: 3.9mm.

The security scale four

This security level can be considered as high security. However, it is known as the least commonly used shredders. The level four series of shredder provides higher security than level three. The DIN security level four cross-cut shredders provide more security than the standard ones. Also, the shredding capacity is higher at this level.

The security scale five

Earlier, the security level five was the higher level to shred top-secret documents. This series of shredders are used in government organizations, military and research facilities. This level of shredder is widely used in a huge organization. The DIN security level five shredded documents are extremely unreadable and impossible to assemble.

The security scale six

The DIN security level 6 is the highest level that provides ultimate document protection. The level six paper shredders can shred paper into dust particles. The average paper shred for an A4 sheet is 15000 particles. This type of micro-cut shredder is used in NASA, defence and top research facilities.


The level of shredding depends upon the purpose of shredding. Businesses and offices commonly used in security level three. So, by knowing the types of security level choose a shredder that suits your purpose.