Way to Fix the Blue Screen Recovery Issue

Way to Fix the Blue Screen Recovery Issue

January 12, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

Just Imagine, you are ready to do your official work. You picked your laptop, turned on, the blue screen appears with a system recovery message. It tells you, your system needs to be repaired.  While the imagination looks that scary, what if it happens in reality. The blue screen is an alert that something is wrong with your PC cx.

To repair this problem windows have launched an automatic repair feature that is inbuilt in Windows 8 and all the Windows 10 system.versions. This will vanish your mental peace. Generally, the PC displays the error with the code: 0xc0000185. 

Recover from blue screen recovery issue code 0xc0000185

Error 0xc0000185

This is the most common bug which may cause corrupt data, files, or malware software downloads. It might possible that your system is unable to access some files, disk drive, or any hard disk problem is encountered. It may be, you haven’t turned off your system appropriately you may lose your important data. It is the early stage of any system failure. 

Some errors may be fixed after rebooting your system. If it isn’t you may proceed with the following ways. 

  • Reboot system

As the bug is encountered at the initial stage of your system this can also be fixed during the booting stage, the windows will solve it by complete the reboot process. Don’t worry about any type of damage it won’t make any change, it will just fix the problem of 0xc0000185.

  • By using BCD installation Media

If your system is facing issues in botting the alternative way to resolve it is to use an installation Media disk to built a verified BCD (Boot Configuration Data), before performing any step ensures that you have already prepared the Installation Media Disk.

How to rebuild boot configuration data?

  • Load the boot installation media, turn on your PC, enter the details if it isn’t filled, then proceed ‘Next’.
  • A new window will appear with the Install Now, move your cursor to the ‘Repair your computer’.
  • You will land up to the next page, where you get the different options Continue, Troubleshoot, Turn Off your PC.  Tap on the ‘Troubleshoot’. 
  • You will move to Advanced Options, go to the Command Prompt.
  • When the command prompt window appeared on your screen, the further process will be forwarded by the following commands:

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /rebuildbcd

These commands are only applicable to Windows8 and Windows 10. If the bug is encountered in the Windows7 OS system, proceed with the following commands: 

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd

  • Format Hard Drive

If the previous 2 steps have failed to resolve the bug, the problem may be related to the Hard Drive. In this situation, the process of Hard Drive Format is required. With this process, windows reinstallation will also be performed. To format Hard Drive you may use the Windows Installation Media, although in a few cases, the partition error couldn’t be fixed by this Windows Installation Media.

To come out from this problem, you will need to take the help of partition manager tools that facilitate the partition recovery, transfer OS to Hard drive or SSD, surface test, wipe disk, etc. It provides a safe environment to prepare a bootable CD or USB, to handle system booting issues. We have used the MiniTool to format the hard drive. Follow these steps to format your drive.

  • Install MiniTool Partition Wizard Ultimate Edition on your system.
  • After the installation, you can access the interface. Tap on format partition, here you can check the status and distribution of the Hard Drive. Select the disc drive by identifying its label for the format procedure. 
  • A format partition window will appear, fill the required fields such as partition label, file system, and cluster size. Ensure it by the OK button.
  • To proceed further, tap on Apply, it will arrange the format procedure.
  • Proceed with CHKDSK

It is a command that helps to display and check the status of existing disk space. This chkdsk command resolves the existing volume bugs. To proceed with chkdsk, an Autochk.exe file should be available on your system.

Have you ever practiced on the command prompt?

If not then don’t worry we have made the process simpler. 

  1. Type the command prompt in the search box located near the start menu. Right-click on the command prompt, a few options will pop-up in which you have to tap on the ‘Run As Administrator’.
  1. While the command prompt window appeared on the screen. Type chkdsk /r command and hit the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard. This will do a quick scan of the hard drive and will repair all the bugs.
  1. Reboot the system to check if all things/ issues are sorted or not.
  • Restore the system 

To fix the bug of 0xc0000185, another way is to restore the PC, this will resolve the boot configuration problem.  Insert a bootable CD or USB and access the WinRE page.

Advanced Options > System Restore.

  • Uninstall the incompatible software downloads 

As the 0xc0000185 is associated with the disk space/ memory space so this may also become the reason for system booting. So, keep one thing in mind whenever you are trying to download any software or file it should be compatible with your system.

Check the devices and software section to check the installation and download of different software and files. If you have recently installed something on your device and after that the errors encountered, uninstall and delete it immediately. It should be deleted permanently and forced option.

  • Disconnect peripheral/ external devices 

Sometimes the faulty peripheral devices can be the agents of system bugs. Disconnect all the peripheral devices and cables from your system, this may fix the issues. If memory components, PSU, or expansion cards are mislocated or the connectivity points are not accessible you may encounter such problems.  Disconnecting the components can solve the problems. 

  • Reset your PC/ Laptop PC

If you don’t want to battle with data loss issues you should take the backup of all the important files and data as you going to reset the PC this will repair your system bugs and will move the system to the initial phase of system configuration.

To take the backup you can use any data backup tool for the disk space and data.

Reboot system using a bootable CD or USB system.

Use an installation Media disk to perform the different processes of restore, backup/ recovery, and installation of windows. 

  • Disk Cleanup

While you surf on the different sites, the PC automatically stores the small information in the form of files/  folders this will makes the hidden way for system bugs and impact on the system functionality.  In this situation, the Disk cleanup tool may rescue your system.

  1. As the system facing problems before performing any action, take your system in a safe mode/ safe zone.
  1. Move the cursor to the search box and make a search to locate the Disk Cleanup tool.
  1. Tap on this tool to access its functionality, once the window appeared it will give you info about the ideal free up space that has stored as trash, you can check the options that you want to delete from the system memory.
  1. Finish this process by hitting the OK button.

At the End 

Here, in this article, we have mentioned all the possible ways to resolve the bug and boot configuration problem, hope this will overcome your stress and system issues. So, next time while you encountered a blue screen recovery issue error, 0xc0000185 or such type of bugs, try the above-mentioned ways.