Types of Visas for Malaysia

Types of Visas for Malaysia

January 23, 2020 0 By Saahil

A large number of Indians visit Malaysia every year. Last year, 5, 94,098 Indian tourists visited Malaysia. The Malaysian government has started to make the process of getting a visa for Malaysia easier. Indian tourists can now get Malaysia tourist visa easily.

This blog post basically outlines the requirements and procedures needed for Malaysia tourist visa for Indians.

Let me now tell you there are actually three types of Malaysia e visa. Indian tourists can apply on any of them according to their convenience. They can either apply for a visa online through their phone or laptop and they can go to a cyber cafe for the same purpose. Let’s discuss the three types of visa.

  1. eNTRI visa Malaysia: Let me tell you this is a specific type of visa for Indian tourists in which day can visit Malaysia for 15 days as a tourist.
  2. Malaysia 30 days single entry eVisa: It is just like the eNTRI visa but let me tell you with this visa you can stay up to 30 days as a tourist in Malaysia. It allows you 30 days of single entry.
  3. 30 days Multiple entry eVisa Malaysia: this visa is also just like the 30 days single eNTRI visa but the only difference is that it allows multiple entry.

According to your choice inconvenience you can choose the right Malaysia visa for you. Malaysia eNTRI is known to easiest and convenient visa out of all the Malaysia visas. It is cost effective as well and it may take only upto 8 days to get an eNTRI visa.

What is the difference between Malaysia eNTRI visa & Malaysia eVisa?

The prime difference between both is that the earlier allows you to stay for only 15 days while the latter may allow you to stay for up to 30 days. Generally it depends upon the type of your e-visa which allows you to decide whether you want a single entry visa or multiple entry. I suggest you to choose Malaysia e visa instead of eNTRI visa. Because Malaysia is really a good country and you would definitely like to stay there for more than 15 days. But anyway if you want to stay in Malaysia for less than 15 days please choose eNTRI visa. eNTRI visas are also cheaper than electronic visa by INR 1000.

Malaysia e visa for Indians

Let us now discuss the fees and charges of Malaysia e visa. Malaysia eNTRI visa fee may cost you around only INR 2490. While single entry eVisa for Malaysia will cost you a total of INR 3580 and double entry visa may cost you around 3780 including the VFS fee and IGST.

Well, now that you know what are the types of visa for Malaysia for Indian tourists and how can you get them. Let me now tell you Malaysia is really a great country and you should surely visit it. Us, the process of getting a visa for Malaysia is easy as well.