Turn off voicemail iPhone and manage the different call settings

Turn off voicemail iPhone and manage the different call settings

August 27, 2020 0 By Supriya Gupta

Voicemail is a computer-based software, the text message can be long for some information, so the company and support have found a new way to establish communication with the users through Voice Mail Services. If you feel any disturbances through these emails then turn off voicemail iPhone.

When you do not answer the call, the user from another point can leave a voicemail message to you to inform you about the task.

Read the below instructions to manage the voicemail on your iPhone. 

  • Once you unlock the iPhone, check the home screen widgets to locate the “Phone app”.
  • By dialing the *#61# you can get the voicemail number, after getting your voicemail no. save it on a paper or another phone number.
  • Locate the Setting > Phone  > Call forwarding, turn on this option, and type the no. you have received after performing the first step. Now let the settings updated.
  • Again Go to “Phone App” > reach at the bottom to locate the “Keypad Icon” then type and dial #004# to confirm the setting.
  • Now a popup will appear on your iPhone screen, it is actually a piece of textual information about all the deactivated voicemail call information like voice call forwarding, data call forwarding, fax call-forwarding, after reading the message tap on “Dismiss”. For the proper visibility of text information, the background is colored with a grey color.

As all the voicemail settings have done, you can view and set further call forwarding options setting too.

  • If you want to turn off all the delayed forwarding type #61# and hit the dial icon.
  • If the phone is not receiving any signal or slip into switch off mode, you have the option to disable all the call forwarding settings dial #62#.
  • You can manage the call forwarding setting by disabling it for the event while you are already online and talking to someone else in the network. For this, you have to dial #67#.
  • If you want to disable the call forwarding globally then, hit the green phone icon button by typing #21# pairing up with any other option.

This method is effective to disable and manage call settings although its a manual process and also a little time consuming, it is applicable for all the regions, it gives you full control over the calls.

If in case you have changed or made up your mind to resume the voicemail service on your phone after a while, you may do so by just practicing a few steps. You can access the carrier’s documentation or hit the following sequences of numbers by taking the help of the “Phone app”.

Dial ##004# –  for AT &T

Dial ##004# for T-Mobile

*73 or *900 or *920 Verizon

*920 US cellular

*730 Sprint

Make a call to Carrier’s Customer Documentation on the no. given below:

T-Mobile 1-877- 453-1304

Verizon 1-800-922-0204

AT & T 1-800-331-0500

SPrint 888-211-4727

One more way to resolve the issue is by dialing up the *611 from your iPhone’s keypad.

As you have got the method of the turn off voicemail on iPhone you will not be distracted during the important tasks.