Top 5 Interesting Features of Telegram

Top 5 Interesting Features of Telegram

January 29, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

When Whatsapp has announced the updates about the new policy in which people got to know that the chats and data will no longer be private to you and its parent company will share it for business purposes. People have started surfing for new chat apps that are secure and better than WhatsApp.

Signal and Telegram have earned the users a huge amount. If you are also the one who has downloaded the Telegram on your phone and you are not as familiar with the functionality of this app here you will know the top 5 interesting features of telegram.

5 Exciting Things about Telegram

A Telegram beginner should know the following features the app allows its user to make their app experience better and fun-loving.

Video editor 

Do you love to post videos? Telegram will allow you a few more things that will enhance the quality and look of the video. You can try the advanced editing options and then send them to your contacts. Here you can cut, crop, change and correct the color schemes also. The basic contrast, saturation, exposure, etc. also here.

Get the video you want to make a correction or any kind of edit then just go for the editing options, once all the things are done, you can share it.

Hidden IP address

Telegram allows you to hide the IP address and the proxy server connectivity facility. If you don’t know about the mechanism of the proxy server, no worries, the proxy server offers similar functionality as a virtual private network. The security is less compared to the VPN.


In this app, you can save your important messages and locate them whenever needed to read. Telegram allows you a separate space in a cloud atmosphere to store the files and data that you can access on any device. Mark the necessary message as a Reminder.

Just access the saved messages option from the main menu, then type the message you want to save as a reminder, ‘set a reminder’ option will occur, when you hold the ‘send’ button for a long, set the time when you want to hear the message.

Change group messaging mode

In a telegram chat group, you can include 200000 members that is too much than WhatsApp. 

We all create the group to inform multiple users about the same thing but it has seen when a huge amount of data is coming out in the form of a voice message, text, images it is hard to manage all the chats in a single moment because of this sometimes the phone gets hang. Telegram allows you to change the speed of chat. 

You can set a limit or interval for a single message. To access this option you just have to tap on the group, then go to the edit option, Inside ‘Permissions’ you will get the option of the slow mode.

Organize polls on Telegram

Create Polls and Quizzes

An Admin can create the polls on some topics and arrange quizzes for group members as we do on facebook or Twitter platform. These polls can be arranged anonymously or visible. You can organize different types of polls with Telegram.