Stream media file through Roku Screen Mirroring iPhone

Stream media file through Roku Screen Mirroring iPhone

August 14, 2020 0 By Supriya Gupta

Because of the busy and scheduled life, we don’t have much time to watch our favorites serials or movies. Due to some work, we can’t continue the series for long hours. For the modern world audience, current streaming resources are available in the market. Roku is one of those resources. In this blog post, you can learn how to connect Roku remote.

To control Roku, two types of remotes are available in the market that is infrared remote, or the other one is enhanced Roko “point anywhere” type remote. People who don’t know much about technology can follow the below method for the proper connectivity.

Infrared Remote Connectivity

Suppose your Roku device has an infrared remote, then you don’t have the method to connect it properly. We will guide you through this post.

  • Connect the Roku with a TV and power socket.
  • Infrared Remotes can’t work correctly without the Battery Cells; there are two specific models available of batteries AA or AAA.
  • When the Roku remote is setup with the battery a TV is On, it will be paired. Operating an infrared remote is more comfortable if the device is positioned in the line of sight as it can detect the Tv by sensors.

Enhanced remote Connectivity

If you are using an enhanced remote that can be operated from any direction or corner of the house, you can pair it by just following the steps:

  • Either its an enhanced remote or infrared remote, both remote-only work after setting up the battery.
  • Turn on the device or Roku Tv controller.
  • If you bring the remote close to the Roku device, it will be paired in a while.

Reconfigure the Roku Remote

Are you facing difficulty in operating the Roku Device?

If yes, then it may be because the Remote has not paired with the Roku device properly. At this moment, to operate the TV, you have to re-configured the remote.

Follow the instructions to configure the remote:

  • Firstly, disconnect the power adapter from the Roku device.
  • Also, separate the batteries from the Roku remote.
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds, then connect the Roku player again.
  • If you are watching any logo on the Tv Screen, set up the remote with batteries.
  • Either you can locate a remote pairing screen or can try the buttons for pairing and connectivity.
  • Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. If the flashlight starts blinking on, it indicates that the pairing is being processed.
  • Wait for a while until the process completed. When the remote is successfully paired up, then a message will be prompted on your Tv Screen to notify the status of pairing devices.

Locate the Pairing button on the Roku Remote

While you are trying to pair up the Roku Remote, you have to use the pairing button. The remote contains so many buttons that are used to manage different tasks. You can locate it in a while.

  • Pick your Roku Remote and unwrap the battery compartment of Roku remote.
  • When it is unwrapped just make access to the edge of the remote, you will find the pairing button that will help you to establish the connection between the Roku player and the remote. To indicate to you about the remote connection process, you will find the flashlight either on the front side or near the remote’s pairing button.

Synchronization of Roku Remote without the pairing button

If you are using a standard model of infrared remote, there are few chances; you won’t find the remote pairing button. In this scenario, if you are facing any kind of remote connectivity issues, you can follow the below instructions.

Unnecessary Objects:

The connection can be disturbed, if any kind of object is coming in the path of the player, in this situation, try to remove all the barriers that are blocking the way of the signal. So the Roku player can receive the message appropriately, and you can stream your movies and music properly.

Manage Remote batteries:

You can sync the device by removing the batteries, as we use the remote whole the day the cells can be dislocated from the place, by eliminating these batteries and repositioning them again appropriately, its time to check is it functioning well or not.

Change batteries:

If the above two options don’t work, you can replace the batteries with the new one, maybe existing batteries may have exhausted, and that’s why the remote stopped working. After setting the new cells, it can be synced again.

What to do if you lost Roku remote control?

When you purchase the play station, the Roku player packed with the remote control. The Roku Remote quite different from other remotes, as you have to connect with the internet connection/Wifi router. 

In any case, if you mislocated the remote, how will you operate the TV and stream your favorite shows. In this case, you can take the help of your smartphone and try the method of Roku screen mirroring iPhone.

  • To stream the shows and movies, you’ll need a WiFi password and username, as you don’t have remote you can’t enter the details. Its time to turn on the hotspot of your phone and associating them with a connection with the last used password and username.
  • Arrange the two smartphones to set up the connection and to operate the Roku player.
  • It is a mandatory thing that the mobile hotspot you are using at this moment should contain the same username and password; you are connected with the last attempt.

(If you forgotten the last time used ID and Password, don’t worry as you can connect with the new ID and password as we do with the phone.)

  • Install a Roku app on the phone.
  • Another mandatory thing is that the smartphone and Roku device connected from the same hotspot resource. To perform this act of connectivity, an excessive amount of data will be consumed. 
  • One remote will work as the hotspot, and another one will be transformed into a remote so you can manage the further process easily.
  • Use your phone to change to Wifi connectivity options and streaming the favorite movies and Netflix and Amazon Series.

  We hope you can enjoy your favorite shows without any complications.

Roku screen mirroring iPhone

If you want to enhance the level of your enjoyment and wish to have the feel of big Screen at your fingertips at home, you can do it by screen Mirroring. By doing this thing, you can enjoy the loud Dj style music beats, can manage the presentation and virtual office meetings and other things.

We are giving you a few instructions to set up the Roku screen mirroring iPhone. 

  • Turn your Apple Tv, Go to the settings section, Turn on Apple Tv’s Airplay. 
  • On the other hand, go to the control center of iPhone and select > screen Mirroring > locate the Tv model.
  • Enter the code you see on the airplay screen.
  • The Tv and iPhone should access the same hotspot if you have a doubt with the Wifi. Hotspot resources then go home > Settings > Network. You will find the information on the hotspot.

(There is some smart tv available that doesn’t support the Apple Airplay. Please verify that you are using an Apple Airplay enabled Smart TV.)

When the code is validated, you can see the view of the iPhone window on the TV screen. The audio setup will behave according to your TV’s sound quality. You can either use the portrait mode or landscape.

Few people are not satisfied with the screen mirroring method as it does not provide the same image quality of the videos and other media files you’ve stored in your phones. It doesn’t mean the screen mirroring is bad. Screen Mirroring is best if you are using the Airplay. 

Are you interested in the Airplay Roku screen mirroring iPhone?

You are just a few steps away from experiencing the best quality streaming series, movies, and media files.

We have already mentioned the method of accessing the airplay on Phone. After setting up the Airplay, follow the step by step process:

  • Check the connectivity of the iPhone with the TV.
  • Tap the favorite video to watch on your TV.
  • Locate the Bottom pointing Triangle shape icon(Airplay icon) and tap it.
  • Select Your TV.
  • Enter the Passcode.

Screen Mirroring for Images

If you want to mirror the iPhone Camera roll files that are in the image and video format, for this you can access the Photos app > choose the respective image/ video > Share option(position in the bottom side of the screen) > scroll down to locate the Airplay clickable option > enter the code.

The process is done. If you want to see the images back to back without using your remote continuously, use the slideshow mode.

The same process will be applied to access the music from your iPhone to TV with Airplay.

The volume will be managed through the Apple Tv’s Remote, not by the iPhone.

After reading this article, you can solve how to connect Roku remote problem and can stream your favorite things on TV.