Leverages in CFD Trading: Finding the right amount

Leverages in CFD Trading: Finding the right amount

October 31, 2020 0 By Saahil

In today’s financial market trading, CFD or Contract for Difference is mostly the preferred trading by most in the world. The main reason is the fact that this form of trading would require an initially low capital for you to start as opposed to other trading markets. With that part of the advantages of trading, you are able to have a degree of flexibility to cover leveraged opportunities in the different market conditions. Thanks to leverages, you are able to increase gains from a start of a small percentage of your capital and will be able to trade the underlying assets. However that might sound well for you, or the potential of it, this may also go against you and have dire consequences for CFD trading.

CFD Trading Leverages

Leverages in CFD trading allows you to increase the possibility of returns. As a trader, you may borrow capital from brokers so you can start having larger trades compared to proceeding with CFD trading without the option to do so except with whatever existing finances they have.

Leverage Can Go Against You

For example, you find yourself in a situation where your leverage is at 500:1, which is the maximum offered to CFD brokers. When trading CFDs, the losses and gains are established on the full contract value as soon as the trade is closed. Imagine yourself being put in a situation that is against your projection, your trading account will be definitely emptied by the situation. In case of a loss, your loss amount will be subtracted from your account and if your account has been wiped out but the balance is still not settled, traders will still need to put in additional funds to start maintaining the margin account just keep your trades open.

Deciding the Right Amount of Leverage

There are many ways for you as a trader to find out the necessary amount of leverages you can engage in when trading CFDs:

Finding a legit CFD Broker

Being able to choose the right broker is an integral in being able to find the right amount of leverage. This is because the price in the trades is one of the factors that influences your returns. When you choose a broker, make sure you look into one that gives tighter spreads and is neutral in the market. A very good CFD broker will give you a robust platform to execute trades instantly. A very important thing is to get a regulated broker as they will not be able to offer leverage amounts that are very irresponsible leverage amounts for you. Regulating bodies such as ESMA and FCA are the ones who restrict irresponsible amounts of leverages offered to traders so as to balance and protect the best interest and safety of traders.

Trading Strategy

As a trader, you will need to be able to form a kind of strategy you will want to use in trading CFDs. There are some who will use small price changes of the underlying assets to be able to have to earn profits. A higher leverage will definitely give you great returns. As you take time, you may be able to track larger movements and trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Risk Management

Being able to handle possible losses through stop-losses for your position and will be able to restrict the possible losses from happening as you set parameters. This also enables you to remove any form of bias that you may have based on your emotions during a very bad trading day.