Legal Action on Whatsapp Data policy 2021

Legal Action on Whatsapp Data policy 2021

February 8, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

Nowadays a drift is noticeable over the web regarding WhatsApp. Whatsapp is going to change its privacy policy from February 2021, 08. If you will have a closure look at these policies and updates you will know why this news is a concern. Here you get information about Whatsapp Data policy 2021.

There is something unusual in these privacy terms, as a result, people have moved on to other social messaging apps such as telegram and signal and millions of users have installed the accounts. 

New Whatsapp Data policy and users opinion

Whatsapp has improvised its services in the best possible way. In the past few updates, WhatsApp has included some decent features like Whatsapp payment and location. Users were pleased with this news but when a notification disclosed that the user’s data will no longer be private and that it will be shared with Facebook and Instagram, users became restless and afraid of this step. 

  • According to a survey conducted, 91% of users have shared their opinions about WhatsApp use in the future. 
  • They don’t want to continue with the app and they are searching for alternatives to WhatsApp. 
  • If WhatsApp will attempt to share the user’s details, including photos, status and other chat details, users will deactivate the account and socially boycott the WhatsApp platform.

New Whatsapp Data policy 2021 in India, legal action

We all know applications collect the user’s data but it is always end-to-end encrypted from both points. If it is shared with another platform it will be a big threat to the user’s privacy as well as for the nation’s security any unauthorized person can enter the personal space. 

Sharing the information of every individual is completely against the rights of Indian citizens. According to this fact, an appeal has been made in the Indian Court, now WhatsApp has to face legal strikes in India and has to answer regarding the new policy.

The lawyer Chaitanya Rohilla has mentioned that new policies are not favorable to the privacy of the user. New WhatsApp policies will suspend the privacy of the user and one can see the overall view of the user’s profile and account from every angle.

Another statement is also passed from Whatsapp regarding the policies in which it is mentioned that the people who are involved in any business activity will be monitored, we are collecting the data to give them suggestions of new products and to improvise their experience on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is saying that the chats will still be hidden from others and it will be between the sender and receiver. 

In India, 400 million people are associated with this Social Media platform Whatsapp. In the last few days, you can see the effective decrease in the active users, and also it has been slammed by the users. 

Let’s see how WhatsApp will deal with this legal affair and what will happen after 8 February 2021. How things will go ahead in the future. There are lots of questions that WhatsApp has to answer. Will users continue with Whatsapp or not. Will Telegram and Signal replace WhatsApp or not?