Is Phone a Pied Piper for Kids Online? Make Black Friday worth it with digital Parenting

Is Phone a Pied Piper for Kids Online? Make Black Friday worth it with digital Parenting

November 26, 2019 0 By Saahil

Are you aware of the fact that most of the kids these days have cell phone devices and they also have internet access on their digital devices all the time? Seemingly it seems normal, but the abnormality unveils itself when they stick with the screens of their smartphones all day long and parents become curious about time being spent on the digital devices.

Curiosity has never been a solution, but to find out the best tools to know what kids and teens are doing online. Since the cell phone technology has evolved everyone has got handset and internet access and the young generation are second to none.

Parents having a hard time adjusting with the digital kids these days who love to spend time on the virtual world. Kids are far more tech-savvy than the parents and this is what haunting young children and teens. Teens blindly start exploring the web, social messaging apps, instant messengers and websites and unaware of the after digital dangers. Technology in terms of mobile, tablets and other devices like that have been developed almost two decades ago, but today smartphones have become pied piper for kids.

How the cell phone is a new pied piper for children online?

Too much text messaging, sharing of photos, selfies, and videos on social media platforms, interaction with strangers, inappropriate web browsing and plenty of other activities have made children obsessed. Today, our children use to spending more than 8 hours a day on their mobile device screen. The real problem comes in when children got bullied online and receive sexual abusive messages. Furthermore, young teens got tapped by the stalkers on social media because social networking has become an integral part of the youth’s life.

They eat, sleep and meet with the social media platforms twenty-four by seven. Additionally, the access to porn online is a common thing these days; teens are running with X-rated theater in their pockets. Online dating and sexual hookups are on the rise and at the end of the day, teens get encounter with the cyber predators that have been migrated on the web and target teens and tweens.

According to Broadband search& National Crime Prevention Center

  • 73% of young students say they got bullied online repeatedly
  • Bullying mostly take place with kids addicted to the smartphones
  • 87% of children are witness of cyber bullying
  • 85% of children are social media users
  • 95% of teens have cell phone and internet connection
  • 42% of children are addicted to the Instagram
  • 37% of teens are using Facebook
  • 37% of teens addicted to social media have developed depression
  • 41% of teens are running with social anxiety due to excessive phone usage

How Parents can make this Black Friday & Cyber Monday worth it?

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday come up with plenty of discounts and parents love to buy goods for children they need to within maximum discounted price. However, most of the parents, non-tech-savvy, in particular, forget to get their hands on the online safety of children and don’t bother to perform digital parenting on kids’ and teens’ cell phone devices. They don’t bother what kids and teens are doing on social media and to whom they are interacting with using phones. Furthermore, they don’t realize what sort of content they are visiting on the cell phone installed browser and what they are sharing with strangers online.

Most of the parents even don’t know that their teens and kids have been bullied online. That’s why I would say without having digital parenting on kid’s devices Black Friday and Cyber Monday is worthless. So, it doesn’t waste time to get a 90% 50% discount on the mobile phone spy app. Install cell phone monitoring software on kids’ and teens’ digital devices and put your worries to rest? So, let’s make this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday worthy enough and set parental control on kids and teens devices within the ridiculously discounted price. The offer is for a limited time of period. Make sure kids are safe digitally.


Gone are the days when parents remain helpless to know what kids and teens are doing online. Take advantage as much as you can because Black Friday is right around the corner.