Style Document: Apply methods to insert a line in word

Style Document: Apply methods to insert a line in word

August 20, 2020 0 By Supriya Gupta

While we are using the Microsoft word to create a document, there are few exceptional things used to give a proper format to document, it makes the document look stylish and define the purpose and flow of the document. Lines are the most commonly used autoformatting tools. Want to know how to insert a line in word?

Basic Practice to draw a line in word.

  • You can use the hyphens to create a dashed line in the word.
  • You can use Asterisk *** to draw a dotted line.
  • You can use ### to draw a border style line. 
  • To draw a wavy line Tildes can be used.
  • You can also draw a line by using Underline___ and equal signs ===.

As its a autoformat style of lines, so it used the overall width of the page, if it is drawn inside the column, the line will draw according to the level of the column. If you don’t want to use the autoformatted line style in the document then click on the arrow of the appeared menu, to turn off the setting.

How to add a line in word

Horizontal Line

If you want to draw a horizontal line in the word document, take your cursor at that point.

Now go to the Home Tab> Paragraph Section >Borders, here a dropdown will appear, select the horizontal line, by just hitting the left click twice on the appeared line, you have the option to select the appropriate style for the horizontal line. You can drag the line to adjust its length.

Different border line styles

You can create the borderline on the left side, right-side top, and bottom. Basically, the border-line-style is always set on the bottom. For this, you just have to go to

 Home > Paragraph > Border > click on the arrow, select the appropriate. 

You can apply the shading, can change the color and width, of the border.

A line from shape area 

In the word document, you can use different kinds of shapes to fulfill different design purposes.

  • Point your cursor to the point, you want to draw a line.
  • Locate Insert from the ribbon > Illustrations group > Shapes > Line Group, here you can choose the appropriate style of line.  
  • By holding a mouse, from the initial point to the endpoint, to customize the appearance Shape format is organized in the ribbon. 
  • To change the appearance of the line, use the mouse right-click button to select the format shape from the appearance panel of the context menu.

Bar Tab

If you want to align the paragraph in the word or also want to draw a horizontal line, you can do it as well.

Take your cursor to the Go to Ribbon Home >Paragraph Settings > Go to the Tabs > you can set the position of the line in the Tab Stop Position if you want to draw the line at the exact place, then check the ruler to identify the right point, by taking the help of the ruler you can set the line at the exact point.

Tap on the Bar > go to Alignment Section > Set and Done.

Vertical Line and Text into Columns

Columns are used to define the layout of the document. You can arrange the text into columns, to give a more appealing look to the document, a vertical line can be drawn.

  • Select the text from the doc.
  • Ribbon > Layout > Columns.
  • You will have the option to divide the text into a different style of columns. For this, you have to move inside the Layout >Columns > More Columns.
  • Click on to style option of the “Line between the box”.

Follow any method to insert a line in word.