How To Use  Social Share Buttons For Blogger With Share Counts

How To Use Social Share Buttons For Blogger With Share Counts

August 12, 2018 0 By Sachi kaushik

The use of social media is increasing day by day. Almost every person today is on social media platforms. These platforms allow wider reach and flexibility to the user. Social media platforms allow many features and options to its users. Floating social share buttons help in improving the blog’s visibility and the activities on social media platforms. Many new bloggers try and add floating social share buttons such as floating sidebars etc. Floating social share buttons improve visibility on social platforms like google plus, facebook, twitter etc. But the coding and configuration process of many social share button providers is very confusing, so people feel hesitated to use these.


Also, there are many questions associated with these such as will it slow down the blog? Or how many JavaScript will be loaded and also about the reliability of these buttons? Not every share buttons and scripts work just how they promise to. Many bloggers leave because of the confusing configuration process.

Let us begin to understand why there is a need to use floating social share buttons for bloggers and also some important points of social media which helps in the growth of our blog:

Traffic :

Social media is a very big platform, with a high user base. Putting out the content on social media platforms helps in increasing the reader community. But to be certain that people will be sharing your content, you need to be sure that you share quality content. Only if you share quality content with your audiences, it will be easier for you to build a large and stronger social media community. Always provide your readers with a sharing option, so that they can share the content they like with their family and friends which helps in building a larger community.


Online presence :

Online presence is vital to ensure that the world knows about you and your blog. Social media platforms provide you with an opportunity to express your perception, likes etc with people. If you are sharing quality content with your readers it will ensure that they will follow you on your blog and also they might share your content if they like it that much with their friends and family. Providing your readers with a share button ensures that they will share it with their friends if they find it valuable. Providing quality content makes it certain that you build a strong and large online community who shares the same interests as you.



You must provide your customers with quality content. If the quality of your content is high and it is relevant. You might have higher ranks on Google’s SERPs. Having higher visibility on Google’s search engine will help in attracting even more traffic to your blog. Which is what we need to build a large community.

This shows how social media cannot be ignored. It is a very powerful tool if you want to be a successful blogger. Also, it is very important to add social media buttons to your blog. Below shown is the process to add floating social sharing buttons to the blog:

  • First of all, You will go to the Blogger layout.
  • Find the blogger sidebar or footer part. Write this code in the footer area.
  • Click on the add gadget link & select HTML/ Javascript gadget.
  • you will have to copy and paste the following code, on the HTML/javascript gadget.
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>[wbcr_php_snippet id="54" title="best"]
    1. Click on the save button and see your blog, Floating social sharing button is working or not.