How To Enable Google Plus Comments In Blogger Pros, Cons & Features

How To Enable Google Plus Comments In Blogger Pros, Cons & Features

August 14, 2018 0 By Sachi kaushik

Enabling Google plus comments in blogger will allow you to build a better blogging community and also a better social signal. Enabling Google plus comments in blogger will help you in unlocking its powerful features. Also leaving a comment through google plus platform will make it much easier other than using default commenting system. Using a default comment service system is not wrong but using other commenting platforms provide you and your readers’ more efficient experience. Many blogger users and WordPress users are trying out many third-party commenting systems for their blog to increase engagement.

You can give Google plus comments in blogger a try and see if it works well with your readers and if it does you can stick to it. Otherwise, you can use whichever system works best for you. But before getting started with Google plus comments in blogger, let us know about some features of the same and see how it can help you grow into a stronger community and great reader base also we can know about the limitations that it has.

Pros of Google plus service

There are various benefits of using this services, let us look at some major benefits of using this service.

Motivates user to leave a comment:

Google plus comment platform creates a link between your blog and google plus. Google plus comments will be visible on both blog and google plus if it is linked. This means if your readers leave a comment on google plus it will be visible on your blog as well.

Increased Social media exposure:

It can help you in increasing your blog’s traffic as well because google plus comments will help in bringing the google plus traffic directly to your blog. It acts as a great way to increase blog’s social activity.

Better privacy for comments:

Google plus comment service system will allow your readers to either keep their comment private or public. It’s up to your readers if they want to keep their comment public or private.

Comments can be modified:

It allows the user to modify their comments, even after it has been published. Users will have an option to freely delete their comment after it has been published.

Cons of google plus service:

While google plus service system provides so many benefits. It has some restrictions as well. Let us know more about the same:

You will lose your existing comments after migrating to a different domain.

If you are thinking about changing the URL of the blog. You will not be able to synchronise with your current Google plus comments. Your current comments will disappear.

To comment your readers must have a google plus profile.

Your readers will require a google plus profile if they want to add comments to your post. It will decrease your user experience.

Comment moderation process will be complicated

If you want to modify every comment before publishing it will be a little complicated process because you will need to visit the specific posts to approve a particular comment.

How to Allow Google plus comment in Blogger?

Now you know all about using google plus service, If you want to try out google plus comment service in blogger you will need to know how to enable Google plus comment in blogger. The step-by-step process is given below:

  • To enable Google plus comments in blogger. you must use the google blogger profile. If you are using your google plus profile for blogger, So you can directly Enable Google Plus Comments.
  • Go to the Dashboard setting part, user section and choose Google plus button, shown above & click the save setting button at the top right corner.

      • click the on the “Post comments & sharing ” button.

    • Scroll the little bit and find the Google-comments. Change the setting to “yes” in the top right corner.