How is Google One different from Google Drive in Google Cloud?

How is Google One different from Google Drive in Google Cloud?

June 9, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

Google is known for its modern cloud platform services and products. Google allows its users to access mail facilities, storage space, translation accessibilities, chats & conversations, Video calls, directions for unknown paths, etc. 

Google always works to improvise the user experience. In this pandemic, we all are dependent on virtual resources, apps, and software to access, manage and explore things. Google has launched its new features called Google meet to enable group meetings for remote location users.

Google Docs, Google spreadsheet, Google Drive, Google Photos have become the invertible part of our professional and personal lives.

In the initial, Google has given unlimited free access to store anything over the cloud environment. Google cloud products enable access and manage anything from anywhere across different devices by simply logging in to the Gmail account.

People used to store and upload their files on Google Drive and Google Photos. Three years ago Google launched a new paid version of Google Drive that also functions the same as Google Drive. This new version is known as Google One. By subscribing to Google One you get additional space to store the data over the cloud environment.

According to the latest Google updates, Google has made things clear for Google storage. If you are one of those people who regularly protect and store the data over Google cloud storage. You should know that Google has limited unlimited storage. 

Another announcement is that if you haven’t made a visit to Google Drive or Google Photos or Google mail for two years and reached the quota limit, your data will no longer be available over the Google cloud.

How to check available Google Drive space?

Have you checked the google account to know how much storage space to use if it has reached the limit of 15GB free space or you need to subscribe to Google One?

  • Check Google Drive.
  • Tap on the left-hand-side toggle.
  • Navigate to the Storage, here you can see the storage usage.

Know about Google One Membership, Accessibility, & Features

Google One was introduced to Google account users in the year 2018. It is a paid storage service extended to 100GB over $20 for a yearly subscription. The extended space will let you store the emails, Google Photos, and Google Drive documents.

It is not mandatory to subscribe to the Google one but if you feel the need for additional space you can do so. If you are not interested in a yearly plan Google One offers a monthly subscription for their users.

You can get the accessibility of Google One service in two ways. Either you can open it in Google Chrome or install a separate Google One app.

To access Google One storage space, sign up with the account.

Once you are in with the account you will be able to see the standard space as well as used space over Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail. 

There are 6 types of subscription plans available and the most simple and affordable plan is available for $2 per month.

You can pay the amount according to the subscription plan and enhance the services for a better user experience with additional space.

There are many software and apps available out there for users that first offer the trial version and if the user is satisfied with the app features the user can move to a paid subscription for further use.

But Google One does not offer trial accessibility, either you need to purchase the plan for productive professional services or you can shift the data to another cloud storage platform or move to a portable storage device such as Hard Disk or Pendrive. Here you don’t need to pay anything monthly or yearly. 

Google One Subscription Plan 2021

Storage Space Monthly Plan Yearly Plan

100GB $2 per month $20 per year

200GB $3 per month $30 per year

2TB $10 per month $100 per year

10TB $100 per month

20TB $200 per month

30TB $300 per month

  • 100GB storage space @ $2per month

While you subscribe to the 1st GOOGLE One plan, it is affordable for everyone and suitable to store all types of files across multiple device accessibility. With a $2 per month plan, you’ll be able to access, manipulate, manage the Docs, images, videos, presentation, and other files for 30days. You’ll get more space to organize your files the whole day.

The best thing about the Google One plan is that it is sharable. It means your family members can also access this space to store the files of different formats. With one membership, your family is also able to have fun. Everyone has access to this additional space in this Google one plan $2 100GB plan.

It also offers additional benefits that you can redeem to hotels, restaurants, or Google Stadia. Not only you but your family can also redeem the advantage of these offers.

Likewise, the Google drive backup accessibility, Google One also lets you take the backup of the phone data.

  • 200GB storage space @ $3per month

This subscription pack adds on the additional storage space every quarter without any distraction. Also, it offers amazing cashback, on google store. One other family also takes advantage of the membership plan.

  • 2TB storage space @ $10per month

With additional subscription charges, you are getting additional space, the cashback percentage will also increase to 10%. Alone with this, the 2TB Google one membership plan also includes VPN security for android. Your phone and app will be protected from virtual web threats and hacker activity.

To activate the VPN network on your android phone, navigate to the home tab, with a scroll-down action you’ll get to see the VPN setting, tap on this. 

All three plans are best and meet the needs of each individual whether he is professional or not.

Google One Membership: Storage Sharing with friends and family

Google one allows group sharing for all the offered resources Docs, Drive, Photos, the family keeps Google assistant, family link, Youtube Membership Plans, etc. You can share the membership plan with more than 5 members. 

To manage the family membership, you can access it through Settings.

Go to Google One app > Setting > Manage Family Setting > Manage Family Group > Invite family members > tap on + sign > tap on send.

Your family or friends will receive this invitation Email, once they accept the invitation they will be able to access the Google one Subscription benefits.

You can delete this membership group anytime by accessing the setting.

In case, you no longer feel the need for any additional storage or want to 

Shift over other google one plans 

Go to settings > change membership plan> choose the plan and confirm.

Additional Storage Google One plans 

Go to account > Storage> get more storage >  options > select plan > confirm.

Cancel Google One membership plan

Go to Google one account settings > navigate to the cancel membership plan