November 25, 2019 0 By Saahil

 Hair loss problem is the most common one that almost every human being faces in his her lifetime for at least once in lifetime. It is a kind of problem that if ignored for a long time can cause serious damages like baldness and other scalp infections. Thus it is very important to look after the hair as well as scalp just as the other body parts. Due to the exposure to every vulnerable situation, hair and scalp of human needs more care and attention than other.

Daily Care: 

While human can protect their other body parts with coverings from any kind of pollutants, their hair generally stays vulnerable to each and every outer threats like dirt, chemicals, pollution etc. and slowly loses its charm and healthiness. And if it is continued over a long tenure without being taken care of, it starts to become frizzy, dry and unhealthy and loses its grip over the scalp and starts falling from the root.

 About Ketomac and its’ formulation:

 Ketomac is to be effective in all kinds of hair problems. It contains certain important ingredients that works together to get the best results for hair care. The ingredients are not added randomly to the shampoo composition though. It is tested first and then added as per the requirements. The main ingredients to make a Ketomac shampoo composition is ketoconazole. Apart from this one, the Ketomac makers also add shampooing sans sulphate or neem, lemon, rose-merry, grape- seed, and tea-tree, like herbal ingredients for easy removal of dandruffs or for resisting hair fall or nourishing hair greatly. One can get the information about Ketomac shampoo in Hindi also.

How to use it:

 Before using this shampoo one needs to wet the hair and scalp thoroughly. Then the shampoo will get applied of small amount to the scalp and have to give a massage until a lather forms. Then after 5 to 10 minutes the rinsing through the water is to be done.

Shampoo fixes the damage through the internal process. The molecules of the shampoo make the reaction with scalp and creates new layer.


Shampoo’s company make promises about to solve the problem of damages but they forget to mention their harmful chemical which is also harmful. There are a lot about Ketomac shampoo hair loss in Hindi, so one can understand the whole in his / her regional language.