Enjoy Spotify Music Offline and Fix the Connection Problems

Enjoy Spotify Music Offline and Fix the Connection Problems

March 30, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

Our life is tasteless without music. Many music apps have been launched that gives the accessibility to listen or play millions of tracts in just one click. During our day-to-day tasks if we have our favorite playlist on our phone we can perform the task more efficiently and productively. Spotify is a music-based platform. Do you want to download a Spotify music playlist So you can save an extra amount of data?

We have a habit to keep on the tune of a song on repeat so here we have got a guide for you to download your favorite tracks from different genres, podcasts, video games, etc. Spotify has a great collection of songs that can change your mood in a few seconds. If you upgraded Spotify to a premium plan you can get your playlist on your phone.

Many times we run out of internet data and feel bored without any fun/ activity so to kick out the boredom we have only one thing that is music. 

  • Premium users can make their playlist out of 10000 songs available on the Spotify platform.
  • Free users can get the podcast on their tablets and phone.
  • Songs can download only over the internet also you have to be active on Spotify once a month to keep track of the playlist.

Spotify Music Download on Your Device

Spotify music on phone library

To download the favorite songs on the phone first you have to install them on your phone. Now you have to login or sign up with a premium account.

Once it’s done, access the bottom panel to get into the Library section. Tap on the playlist you want to store in your library.

Once the playlist opened, tap on the download icon, to turn on the download icon to add the song to your library.

Download Spotify music library on PC

If you want to get your Spotify music playlist on PC, Spotify Premium will make this for you. To download the Spotify playlist you can follow these steps:

Whether it’s a gaana app or Hungama app or any other apps you need to first create an account so as Spotify wants from you.

Now, just perform a search to download the playlist of your favorite songs according to your mood and genre.

Select your favorite playlist and turn on downloads by simply clicking when if it’s a green toggle, the download process has started and soon you will get it on your offline downloads section.

You will receive a pop-up of the layout download completed. To check whether the playlist is downloaded or not you can turn off the internet data now open Spotify, get into the offline downloads section and search your playlist and tune a song.

Spotify offline mode

If you want to use your internet connection to access other services and also want to listen to your favorite downloaded playlist. You can do so by simply managing your Spotify settings on your phone, Mac, or Windows System.

For phone

Back to the home interface of the app.

Access setting option.

Playback settings.

Tap on turn offline on.

If you are accessing Spotify on the computer to activate the offline mode, you can follow the below steps:

Select Spotify.

If you are using a Mac or Apple iOS phone then you will find the Spotify icon on top. If it’s Windows OS then you need to access the File tab of the Windows Menu and just activate Offline mode.

Limit the data usage on Spotify

If your phone automatically downloads the playlists and songs and because of that the data usage amount is exhausted. You can limit the data usage on Spotify. Many times when we enter the Wifi active Zone, downloads start. To limit it we can make a few changes in the phone setting.

iOs Users can go to Home screen >  tap on setting icon > Music Quality > Select Download using the cellular option.

Android users Home screen >  tap on setting icon > Select Download using the cellular option.

To download Spotify music and playlist you should have a premium account. You can use cellular data to listen to and enjoy your favorite Spotify music within a 30 days period.

We have covered one part. Now, to make your experience even better below you can read about basic Spotify connection solutions.

What to do if a Spotify web player is not responding?

It is a problem that can aggregate your boredom and make you irritated sometimes. Spotify is a very awesome platform to listen to and store favorite songs and playlists. Millions of individuals using Spotify on their PC and smartphone. To get the proper response from Spotify web players, follow these 5 solutions ways. So you can sync-in a calm mood.

  • Erase Cache history, cookies, DNS

To do this, you need to open the browser and at the top right corner, click on the three-dotted toggle option and select more tools, here you will see clear browser history. A confirmation tab will open, with the option, clear cache and cookies, select the time range, clear all the browse data Hope, this thing will solve the problem.

  • Internet Connection on/ off

If you want to listen to songs on Spotify, an internet connection is required. So, if your Spotify is not responding, the interconnection may be the problem. To check the network connection, you should check the settings then go to the network setting. Locate the status, if it shows any network or is not connected to any network.

  • Pending browser updates

Browser versions get updated over time. You should always access the latest version of the browser. To download the latest version you can visit the official website. If you are using an older version it will show on the browser. To locate the latest version check the color if it shows the green color the latest version was updated 48 hours ago. If it blinks in orange color the latest version was launched 4 days ago. It shows black if the browser updated 6 days ago.

Once you downloaded the latest version please launch the latest version. If you are not seeing anything related to browser updates, the browser is of the latest version.

  • Antivirus and Firewall settings

If you are using a Windows OS laptop you should know that it has its antivirus Windows Defender installed on your computer that restricts and blocks unnecessary things to protect your computer. Spotify offers different services, some of them blocked by the antivirus. If you want to use Spotify without any pause allow access to all services and features.

  • The device is listed or  not

Whether you are using an internet connection or sharing the files through bluetooth. On the bottom left side of your laptop or PC, a device list is shown to display connected devices. Similarly, Spotify web player-connected devices will be shown here. So, check if your device is showing here or not.

You can download Spotify for PC so you can get easy access to Spotify music. This blog will fix all your Spotify connection/ access problems. Also, you know how to play Spotify music on your phone and PC. We have also shared tricks to play Spotify on offline mode.

After reading this blog, you can b

Enjoy Spotify on your phone and PC.