Do You Know These Android Securities, Privacy Features?

Do You Know These Android Securities, Privacy Features?

July 30, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

Android is offering wonderful offers and features including security tools and utilities on every level. Some of them are inbuilt or default while others can be activated manually. Malware, viruses, or other security threats are raised in the tech world that affect the performance of phones and other devices. To protect the phone from such issues, android experts have shared a few considerations steps that one should take seriously.

How can you keep your phone safe from unnecessary mess?

Google Play Protect

Google has a collection of apps so we can perform our tasks in a better way. We frequently access the Google play store to download new apps. A normal individual or user doesn’t understand which app is better for their phone or not. 

‘Google Play protect’ feature is here to scan all the apps and verify that the app is secured and compatible with your device and it will not raise any security issues. It is enabled by default. Whenever a new app is included in the google play store it is scanned through Google Play protect and if doesn’t comply with the parameters it will no longer be available to users.

If you want to know whether the feature is activated or not you just need to access the Android System Settings > Google Play protect > setting or gear icon > activate toggle. 

Smart Lock accessibility

Android phones offer different types of in-built privacy and security options settings to safeguard your phone from unknown threats and inconvenience. By accessing the smart lock feature you can protect your phone in public places. 

Smart lock offers various options where the phone automatically gets unlocked.

  • The phone will automatically detect when it’s on you.
  • You can set the trusted places where you most frequently visit. The phone automatically detects when you’re in range of the location point of your workplace or home. With this option, the phone will be unlocked so you don’t have to worry about unlocking it by password or fingerprint, or touch.
  • You can set auto-device connectivity for trusted Bluetooth devices, earbuds, audio devices or sound systems, smart devices installed at your workplace or offices or home nearest coffee shop. 

Lock screen notifications

The lock screen enables you to access some of the app notifications including calls, messages, alarms, emails, social app notifications, etc. Many messages and emails contain important details and information that should not be visible to others. If it is displayed on the lock screen anyone can read them through the lock screen. 

You can update the security and privacy settings to restrict the flow of notifications. To do this, access system settings > privacy settings > notifications on lock screen > here you can filter the notification setting by setting up to ‘show sensitive content only when unlocked’ or you can set no notifications. Set the notification preferences privacy settings accordingly.

Guest Mode 

Guest mode is one of those privacy features that has been skipped from every individual’s mind. With this feature, all your details will be hidden and protected from untrusted people or guests. We don’t know if your phone has this guest mode accessibility or not so you can check it then give it a try.

The guest mode will be activated from system > phone’s settings > advanced > multiple users > here you can turn on the guest mode or add other users.

This feature is available for users that have smartphones with Android 5 or up to.

Two-factor authentication accessibility

You must have used this feature in your everyday life. Whenever you log in to any new device through your email account notification is sent to your phone to confirm whether it’s you or someone else accessing your account or device. The Gmail account stores the important mails, conversations, and allows access to different google apps data so it should be safe and protected.

To upgrade the level of security and privacy, you may use default security settings or the security key option. If you have not turned the two-step verification mode on then do it now.

Go to your Gmail account settings and locate the privacy and security > two step-verification > enable it for different things.

Now, whenever you’ll try to get access to any app or service, google prompts will occur to authenticate the actions and process.

Safe browsing experience

Many internet browsers are available out there to make your browsing and search experience better. It brings everything to just a few clicks. Google Chrome is one of the most trusted and authorized browsers on android devices that enables safe browsing on your phone. Go to chrome on the top search bar you’ll see the lock icon it indicates and differentiate between the secured and unsecured site. If the lock icon is open it has security threats and issues and if the lock is closed it is protected and accessed from safe points. 

On Google Browser the safe mode is automatically enabled and makes the browsing experience comfortable for you.

App permissions

We often make this mistake, when we give them access without confirming the authenticity of the application. Whenever we download the third-party application, from any source it asks you to permit your device’s location, account, or other things stored on your device. It is a hidden threat to your phone so be aware while you are proceeding. Check the options to give necessary permissions and uncheck that should be protected and safe.

Although, the google app protect feature keeps the thing in a good shape.

The upgraded android version10, &11 allow advanced security features. Many apps are installed on your smartphone that asks the location only when needed for a limited time. You may manage the permission for apps by accessing the system settings.

System Settings > Permission Manager > check the list of permissions available there for location, microphone, camera, files/media, contacts, physical activity, or other options. 

You can also adjust the level of security for different options, anytime or anywhere. Whenever you have time, you must check your android phone’s security settings.


It is also one of the most wonderful security features and accessibility that keeps unauthorized persons stay away from the phone. You can stick these guest users with a single option or app and lock them with the single app interface.

To activate the screen pinning, you need to access system settings and locate ‘screen pinning’, turn it on. In some smartphones, the screen pin is disabled by tapping on the side lock button. You can check the setting for disable and enable and keep the stress away.

Find my device, fingerprint sensor, face detection sensor lock, Lockdown mode settings are also helpful to protect your phone from unauthorized access. 

Try all these security features to keep your device safe and protected.