Artificial Kidney To Eliminate The Dialysis in Future 

February 20, 2020 0 By Saahil


The advancement in the use of artificial kidneys would be ultimate in the field of medical science. It will help the medical professionals to maximise the number of surgeries performed every year. It will be a new revolution that would save thousands of lives. 

As the patients, suffering from end-stage renal disorders are losing lives not because of the improper treatment, but because of the absence of donor. At present, the Artificial Kidney Transplant in India is not practically implemented on humans, but the regular tests and researches are in process. 

Recent Updates on Artificial Kidney Transplant Procedure:

However, the process performed on several animals during the testing period is entirely successful. There were no complications observed in the mammals after the operation. Hopefully, after the final affirmation from the scientists, it will soon be implemented on human beings too. Once the artificial kidney transplant is in action, it will limit the need for dialysis. 

Dialysis is the requirement at present because not all can find the compatible donor, so the patients and doctors are left with no other option. It is very inconvenient for the patients to go with kidney dialysis, as the kidney after dialysis come to action subsequently in few weeks and the lasting of the kidney function depends on the condition of the patient. So, the patients have to undergo dialysis procedure again and again.

Once the artificial kidney transplant is done in the patients, it would be a permanent cure for them. It is just one of the benefits; there would be several other advantages of undergoing artificial kidney transplant process. Some of the highly considerable advantages are mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, the patient does not have to bear any complications, as the transplanted organ is made of artificial material. The immune system of the body immediately accepts the surgical changes. 
  • Secondly, there are minimal chances of side-effects and complications after the surgery.
  • Third, there is significantly cut down in the price of treatment. If you consider the one-time expense of dialysis, then you might find it low; but the overall cost of treatment goes very high. As no one can predetermine the number of cycles of dialysis, it may last life long.
  • A patient undertaking dialysis process has to visit the hospital again and again. It may be or may not be feasible for all, but they have no other choice, as it is only the option for survival without a transplant. There is no such requirement after the Kidney Transplant in India. 

 Final Words:

Kidney Transplant is one of the most successful procedures; the only drawback is the dependency on the donor. Especially the patient needs to have a related donor if they want to avail the transplant procedure in India. Well, such conditions improve the chances of success of the treatment, that in all the ways is beneficial. So, for now kidney transplant is the most recommended treatment option for the sufferers. If you are available with a donor, the medical professionals in India can provide you 100% risk-free healing.