Are both Amazon and Flipkart are the same or else managed by different owners?

Are both Amazon and Flipkart are the same or else managed by different owners?

November 5, 2020 0 By Saahil

Even though online shopping from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) earns more new customers every month how people get advantages from online shopping simultaneously, there are some disadvantages to online shopping. Some people would say that online shopping makes our work still manageable, but some people would say online shopping cheats us. In everything in our life, there must be both advantages and disadvantages. Online shopping websites, but people could face problems in their order, likewise in real shopping. Also, there are some disadvantages. 

What are all the disadvantages that could be faced; in online shopping?

  • In online shopping, the customers would shop for their necessary products only by the reference of photos and advertisements. If a customer wishes to buy a shirt in online shopping, he could see only a picture of the shirt; he would not check whether the cloth quality is smooth and standard. In the next size of the shirt, while referring to the product in online shopping, the customer could not be able to trial the shirt before buying it. 
  • Then once his order has been placed, he can able to get his ordered product only after a week. Because of online shopping, we cannot expect that the seller belongs to our native. In this high network, the sellers could be from any area in the world. His work is to publish his product on the website and to deliver the product to the right person. Only after many processes, the customers could receive their product hand. 
  • By ordering and by making mobile transactions for the product is the only work for the customers. But the sellers should check the native address of the customers and, he should pack the product. The package should protect the product kept inside in it. Only that when the order reaches the customer it could be handled more safely. 
  • Most people are thinking that Flipkart was an Indian brand. But the thought is entirely wrong. First, Flipkart, the online shopping websites, were brought to the internet by two-person from Singapore. By the presence of Flipkart, they cannot be able to manage the offers equal to Amazon. Then by the appearance of the software, Walmart owner thought to buy Flipkart. When amazon launched first, it attracts Walmart customers toward them. And Bansal thought, we could bring our profit back through Flipkart. Right now, there is no much difference between Amazon and Flipkart. What are all the offers that we see on Amazon; we can see the same offers and discounts on Flipkart too?

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