All about No Scars Skin Cream

All about No Scars Skin Cream

March 13, 2020 0 By Saahil

No scars are the brand offering the most effective skin products helping in getting rid of scars from the skin. Along with making the skin free from blemishes it helps in skin lightening and glowing of skin. If one uses its products regularly, one can get radiant and flawless skin. There are four products manufactured under their name i.e. cream, face wash, soap, and Neem face wash. For the miraculous results, use these products together. Some products are manufactured after research and are made according to the various types of skin because tissues of various skin differ and even the scars differ from each other. Scars occur when there is defacement on the deeper layers of the skin. 


There are four types of scars i.e. Hypertrophic, Keloid, Atrophic, and Stretch marks, and the products of no scars are made after keeping in mind these scars. No scars cream is a cream used for diminishing dark complexion and lightening the skin tone

Composition:- This cream comes in the covering of 288 * 20 grams which contains three main components i.e.

  • ‌Hydroquinone:- It is the basic component of the no scars cream as it obstructs the melanin production and has effective antioxidant power.
  • ‌Tretinoin:- It helps in the production of collagen in the dermis which further helps in the treatment of the blemishes and dark spots on the skin.
  • ‌ Metasomas:- It controls both the inflammation caused by other components and diminishes melanocyte metabolism.


How it works??

Our skin color comes from the pigment called melanin and is harmonized with Melanoses in which the conversion of amino acid to melanin is catalyzed. These are more active in the darker parts of the body as compared to other parts of the body. This cream deals with this and helps in making the skin surface clearer. The results may keep on varying with varying skins and courses based on exposure to the skin.


How to use??

Firstly, apply the cream on affected areas and don’t stop massaging the cream until it gets absorbs. Quantity of the cream to be taken depends merely on the skin absorption capacity. Strongly recommended using at night.


Warning:- Avoid exposure of sun after applying the cream. Inflammation, reddishness or irritation may occur. Discontinue the usage if irritation persists too long and visits a physician.


When not to use no scar cream?

  • ‌If one is allergic to its components, one should avoid using it.
  • ‌If the patient has any medical history, one must consult with one’s physician to minimize the risk of any reactions.
  • ‌The pregnant ladies are advised not to use the cream because it may enter the deeper layers of the skin and may harm the baby.
  • ‌It is recommended that mothers giving feed to their babies should avoid this product as it contains a steroid and its effect is unknown.


Hence, no scars skin cream is the skin lightening cream used for external purposes only and has no major side effects. Further, it is not available without a doctor’s prescription as it contains steroids. And is not advisable for the children and infants to use it.