A Brief Guide to Route or Forward Calls on Android Phone

A Brief Guide to Route or Forward Calls on Android Phone

May 11, 2021 0 By Supriya Gupta

We all use multiple sim cards on our phones. If one network is unable to establish calls, it can connect you to another sim card number. Transferring calls to another existing number is a process of call-forwarding. If you have bought any new sim card and want to get all the calls on a new number, you should activate the call-forwarding option.

Many Android phones allow you this call-forwarding action. Activating the call-forwarding feature you will be able to communicate with friends and other contacts. So, you won’t miss any call in any situation.

In this post, we are going to ease the call-forwarding process on an android phone.

If you want to set up call-forwarding do this as follows:

  • Take your phone, go to the home screen, open the call app, touch the three dots from the corner.
  • A menu list will pop up with multiple options.
  • Go to Call-forwarding if no option is visible you can use an auto cellular carrier to route or forward calls.

The call-forwarding can do in any four ways:

Always Forward or when busy or when unanswered or when unreachable.

  • Select ‘always forward’, if you want to receive all the calls on this new number.
  • If one number is busy or you are unable to pick calls, the call will be transferred to another line by following this ‘forward when busy’. This will notify as a missed call alert or voice mail.
  • If you don’t want to pick up the calls, the call will be converted to voicemail and routed to your number.
  • If your phone has lost the signal or out of reach or the battery has run out or switched off ‘forward when unreached’ action will be taken and you’ll be able to take the calls on a set number. You will get notified via voicemail or message. When you’ll be back in the network area.

Once you have selected appropriate call action to forward then set a number on which you can route your all calls if you are using multiple sim cards on one phone then set the number that is mostly in reach in all regions or all situations. Complete this call-forwarding action with ‘enable’ or ‘Ok’.

Whenever any call-forwarding action is activated it will display on the phone screen. You can disable this call action whenever you want to.

Supplementary /Call forwarding on Samsung Galaxy M31s Users

  • Go home screen of your phone.
  • Touch on three-dot, a menu will appear.
  • Touch on ‘settings’.
  • At the bottom of the list menu, you will get to see ‘supplementary services’. Tap on this option.
  • Here you will see a list of different call actions for calls.
  • Set call forwarding for any of the sim cards.
  • Set the number then done.

Dial codes are also the conventional way to respond to calls or call forwarding, these codes are associated with the numbers to forward the calls.

*67* is used for busy network lines, *61* when unanswered, *62* when unable to reach then type the number to forward calls then add #. Send.

The call-forwarding method we have mentioned here is easy to set up so please do it will work surely.