5 Ways to Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

5 Ways to Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

March 4, 2020 0 By Saahil

The scorching summer of India is soon going to hit us! Due to increased pollution and global warming, the temperatures during summer months touch 45 degrees and more. It is also the time when nothing may provide you with quick relief other than an AC.

But what if your home air conditioner fails to provide you with effective cooling? When your AC fails to work, it strains the entire system and may cough up higher power bills.

To avoid such a situation from happening, you can implement a few tips to increase the efficiency of your Onida AC and more. Read on!

  • It becomes a must to get the filters of your AC cleaned up before the onset of summer. AC filters that are dirty may have been clogged the last season, and it may not help AC to work at its fullest potential. It may also make your AC to strain and consume more power units leading to higher light bills. Hence, you should get AC filters cleaned to ensure there are no operation glitches in summer.
  • The next thing is getting the refrigerant to recycled or changed, along with the cleaning of the condenser to be done. This way, the efficiency of AC will increase easily. You can call a professional to help you get this done before summer hits.
  • You should also ensure to check the settings of your air conditioner and see to it that ‘fresh air’ vent is closed. Fresh air vent gets utilized to get outside air into your room. But an AC works by cooling the already available inside air, the opening of fresh air vent will mean getting more hot and humid air from outside. No matter how good your AC is, if this is not in place, then it may not work efficiently.
  • If you are looking to help your Onida AC or any other one work without issues during summer, then you should also remove appliances that radiate heat. Home appliances such as TVs, lights and computers are light emitting appliances that radiate heat. Thus, you can either move such items into another room or make sure that they are not in operation. If not, then they will increase the load on your air conditioning unit to work hard and consume more power units.
  • Keeping an AC working at a temperature of 22-25 degrees will help you get the right amount of cooling and help save energy. Many people keep their AC temperature below 20 degrees and then wonder about getting surged light bills.

It would also be ideal to use a fan when your AC is on to circulate the cool air into every corner without issues. It will ease off a load of your AC and increase its working efficiency.

If you have an old AC that you think should be replaced, then the best thing is to invest in an inverter AC. What is inverter AC ?  An inverter AC does not keep on going on and off when to keep the temperature of a room under a limit.

This way, it increases the AC efficiency to cool down the room without strains and helps save power units. Compared to a non-inverter AC, an inverter AC can help you save about 20-25% on your monthly electricity bills.

You are now aware of the best tips that can help you increase the efficiency of your AC without issues. It would be right to prepare well in advance for the ensuing summer and employ the discussed tips to ensure there are no issues in enjoying a comfortable season.