5 Exciting WhatsApp Features That you Should Try!!

December 31, 2020 0 By Supriya Gupta

We Indians are stepping ahead in the world of technology. Many exciting apps have secured their place in the Indian market, WhatsApp is one of those apps that delight the people of India. It has been downloaded and accessed by 340 Million people. The developers are rolling out new Whatsapp features and specifications to delight the users.

Recently we have heard the news that Whatsapp is going to facilitate the payment services so like other online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm users can make the payment through Whatsapp. Hope we get it soon. 

Apart from this exciting news, a few common and amazing features are also facilitated by Whatsapp. Maybe you are not aware of them. Or you may have not taken the complete ride of your WhatsApp. So, here we are going to disclose them before you. Read them carefully. 

Has the message been seen or not?

Bluetick signifies that your message has been seen and read. Many users turned off this feature by making the changes in the WhatsApp setting area. If you want to check the status of the message whether it has seen or not? 

One thing you can do that send the person a voice message, you must be thinking about how it will help. The thing is the bluetick-off option is only applicable to text messages that don’t make any changes on voice message or audio message. If the user from the recipient side will read the message it will bluetick and you will know that the text message has been read but he has not to get back to you.

Mark important WhatsApp message

In Gmail, we can mark the important messages or emails so it will be highlighted and will cut off the time. The same thing we can do in WhatsApp you just have to visit the contact window inside the app. Select the message that you want to mark as important. Once the message selected you will see different icon options on the top, tap on the ‘star’ icon the message will be visible as a starred message.

If you want to check whether the message is marked as an important message or not then:

  • Just open the app, 
  • Tap on the top right corner, three-dots are visible here
  • Tap on that, a popup menu will appear, tap on the starred message, all the messages you have marked as important will be visible here.

The starred message is a feature that enables you to access the important message in a while.

  • Delete larger files from the WhatsApp

The smartphone companies are launching new phones in every price segment that you can purchase from the online and offline market. All these phones are assembled with a huge amount of space with the arrangement of RAM and internal storage. So, you can install as many apps as you want to access on your phone.

You can capture the photos that will be stored in your phone gallery. If you are noticing a low space status on your phone just access the interface of WhatsApp. Many files have been stored on your phone that is consuming a huge amount of space. Such files are categorized as Whatsapp media files.

If these files are not important to you, simply delete them by following a few steps.

  • Just go to the setting area of WhatsApp.
  • Approach the Storage and Data section.
  • Locate the managed storage section.
  • Tap on the larger than 5MB files.

The moment you will select this option all the files that are consuming space more than 5MB can be deleted from here. By accessing this method or way you can delete large media files in a less amount of time.

  • Access WhatsApp web message

Many people access the Whatsapp web. People who don’t know what it is. WhatsApp is a way to access your WhatsApp contact chats on your PC or desktop. You just have to scan the QR code with your phone and you can access the chats, send and receive text and media to and from other contacts. 

One thing that is required, you have to always have the data on your phone. If the phone is not in the range or, the data is off you can’t access this feature.

Professionals widely use the Whatsapp web on their PC and desktop. We frequently access this way to read the message. So you don’t have to do enough for this. Just open the tab in which you have opened the WhatsApp Web, use your mouse and take the cursor to the contact that has sent the message to you. You don’t have to click just point the cursor.

If the message is not too long you can easily read it without letting them know, you have read it. We all do this in our routine life but never pay much attention.

  • Check recent media files on WhatsApp

We use different media files in the form of videos, audio, gifs, images to send other contacts. If you want to check the WhatsApp media then you just have to access the WhatsApp interface and go to the search bar, select the options that appeared here, tap on the one you want to use to send other contacts. You can also get the info of recently used Whatsapp Media and chat contact. You can check the last WhatsApp window of the respected contact.

Here we have listed the WhatsApp feature that is personally used by us. You can take a ride on Whatsapp to explore more exciting features related to a private chat, about section, status privacy(Only shared with, my contact or nobody) to have a safe and secure communication. 

Whatsapp has launched a feature by which you can make a video call with at most 8 people at the moment. In the initial, it was limited to 4 people.

You can try these features to make your WhatsApp experience even better and convenient. If you know other things about WhatsApp then share with us!!