3 Key Ways to Support Remote Workers

3 Key Ways to Support Remote Workers

March 4, 2021 0 By Sachi kaushik

Whether due to the pandemic or out of personal choice for work life balance, companies are accepting that more of their business will be supported and conducted remotely or online. This is a complex move for most businesses and must be done in a manner that maintains employee productivity.

There are three things that you can do to give your remote workers the best chance at success.

Give Them the Tech and Software They Need

Once you have decided that your workers will be working at home, you will need to provide them with all the tech and software that they need. Don’t expect business functions to continue or customer relationships to be maintained by home pcs and outdated personal laptops. Provide them with compatible hardware with integrated software and access to a secure network to save and complete work.

The best way to do this is to have a fully managed professional IT service. Online Computers are a professional service that can provide all of these requirements to support your remote worker tech. With this tech, the home workers will also need to be fully trained on the security requirements thereof. Increasing the number of devices that can access your data will require increased security and regulated levels of access to the Cloud-based data.

Further Training and Development

Keep them engaged, keep your remote workers updated and involved by creating good online training content, or using what’s available out there to improve skills, product knowledge, and service practices. All remote workers must also be provided with training on any new software and systems that will be part of the change to remote working. As part of this training, you must also implement an online system for mentoring, coaching, and performance management. The normal HR suite of staff development is an essential part of a successful work team, and this will need to be applicable to the remote workers as well. Staff development will need to continue remotely and still be well supported and managed by cogent trainers and mentors.

Take Office Culture Online

They will need to feel part of something for their mental health, and this will need to continue online. With the available tech, webinars, group quizzes, online social events are all possible. Rather than having the tech for business-only purposes, allow the employees to build an ‘office ‘ culture online. It can only improve the quality of work and keep your team ahead.

To do this successfully, staff will need to be aware of remote working etiquette and how to interact professionally using the tech that has been provided. The top tip for building your office culture online is to overcommunicate; staff must communicate their status and any changes in work as they go. It’s obvious in an office setting but online it is incredibly useful for teambuilding to know when one another are signed in to work or on a break. Use a designated channel for this and make it mandatory to begin with.

The manner in which workers are supported will have to change and adapt to the new normal of home working. For many remote workers, there is a sense of uncertainty associated with the more permanent move to home-based work. Implementing the three tips noted here will allow you to support these workers and, in so doing, have a greater chance of business success.